Everything You Need To Know About Furnace Used For Cremation

Posted by Admin on April, 08, 2023

As we all know that cremation is an important step in the entire human life circle. Each religion has its own rules and rituals related to cremation. Both Christians and Muslims cremated the dead body under the ground. But as per Hindu belief, a human body is burned after its death.

And cremation furnace is one of the most necessary pieces of equipment that are used to complete the entire procedure. Though many of us are aware of the different cremation methods, the least of us know the furnace used for cremation. In this article, we would discuss some notable facts about cremation furnaces that can enlighten you about this matter.

What is A Cremation Furnace?

As the name indicates, a cremation furnace or an incinerator is a closed empty box where the cremation of a human body takes place. It is also known as a cremator or cremation oven. The cremation of a dead body is conducted in a cremation furnace. The temperature of the cremation oven varies between 1000 to 1300°C. The severe heat aids decrease the body to its fundamental elements and parch bone components.

The chamber where the cremation takes place is preheated at a temperature of °C. After that, the corpse is positioned in the main cremation chamber from the cremation furnace. This transfer takes place very quickly through an automatic charging bier to prevent heat loss. The cremation chambers are extremely inventive and possess advanced technology cremation solutions.

The Cremation Process

After placing the dead body into the cremation oven, the body is revealed to a queue of flames. These flames are created by a furnace burner. The burner is fueled by generally natural gas, electricity and bio-oils. The container in which the dead body is positioned is made up of combustible materials.

The generated heat makes the body dry, burns the hair and skin, reduces the muscles, and makes the soft tissues vapourised. After that, the bones get calcified so that they ultimately crumble. Below we are going to discuss some general features of cremation furnaces that may seem informative.


The very first advantage of these cremation furnaces is they are free from smoke and odours. In the entire creation process, some smoke and gases are discharged. They are released through an advanced exhaust system in these cremation furnaces. This furnace can create corpses only one at a time. In this process, no bad smell is produced because the emissions are processed through a filter system. This filter prevpreventske and vaporise the odours that can be bad.


The next major advantage of formation furnaces is they are 100% eco-friendly. The furnace used for cremation uses electricity to burn human remains completely. The complete procedure is eco-friendly as it doesn't produce any harmful elements for our nature.


Though most people thought conventional creation is better, creating by cremation furnace can be a sound option. This is because the entire process is more convenient. Using a cremation furnace allows the corpse to get burnt completely without fail. When compared to conventional cremation, cremation furnaces are more affordable and convenient.

So these are some general aspects of using cremation furnaces. Don't forget to share your thoughts with us in case you have any queries.

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